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All-in-one attendance solution for academic institutes/organization. Some of the key features are:

Easy monitoring of attendance & eloquent reports

On-the-fly data backup

Seamless SMS & Email Service

Daily Attendance Communication to Guardians

Generate monthly letters for post


Simple File Sharing Service. Some of the key features are:

Completely free! No registration!

Stable & Faster Download Speed

Password Protection

Use as often as you would like to at no cost



Electro Installer

Electro Installer

Just a single click & it’s done! Some of the key features are:

One-click hassle-free installation of all of your favourite applications

Files are grabbed from the official publisher's website

End-point verification using signature verification for file security

Easily update your applications

Best-in-class User Experience

No annoying ads!

Virtual Lab

A completely free & unlimited online compiler platform. It features:

7+ programming languages! Grab the one to suit your needs!

Download your code & easily share using your favourite applications

Compile & debug on the single page

No irritating queues for you compliation!


Virtual Lab

Curriculum Certificate

Curriculum Certificates

A versatile solution for academic institutes/organization. Some of the key features are:

Curricular & organizational certificates in a single package!

Best-in-class User Experience & Easy Maintenance

Easily change your certificate format/design as per your needs

Simple yet elegant layout

10+ beautiful color schemes

Invoice Archive

A lightweight inventory solution with remote billing facility. Some of the key features are:

Instant Billing from PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc. remotely!

Daily Sales Report

Stock Overview & Low Stock Notifications

Products Trends & Monitoring

Sending Invoice via Email, WhatsApp or SendFilez

Invoice Archive

E-Search GPS

E-Search GPS

Lighweight extension for desktop browsers

Get more relevant Google Search based on your location!

Lightweight and no extra payloads!

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome: